Saturday, 25 February 2012

Software Loopers #1 - Möbius

After scouring the web for looping tools, I stumbled upon Möbius.

This terrific piece of software is the creation of Jeff Larson; a developer based out of Austin, Texas. It began life as a virtual representation of the Gibson Echoplex, but has since moved on to become one of the most flexible and adaptable loopers available.

In an amazing spirit of generosity, Jeff offers Möbius to users completely free. The only thing users are requested to do is report any problems and submit feature requests for the applications continued development. 

From the site:
“Möbius is software for the real-time creation of audio loops. It was inspired by the venerable hardware loopers of the past, but moves beyond them in many powerful and exciting ways. You can think of Möbius as 8 synchronized stereo loopers that can be used in any combination with extensive MIDI and computer keyboard control. Loops may be saved to and loaded from files.  A powerful scripting language allows you to create macros or customize Möbius to support your unique style of performance.”
Möbius is available for both Windows (XP and Vista) and OS X (10.4 or higher).  It can be run standalone, as a VST plugin, or as an Audio Unit plugin on OS X.  

I can’t recommend this application highly enough, its feature set and continued development are second to none. I’d suggest, that if you too find it to be as great as I have, then go over to Circular Labs and make a donation. I’m sure it would be appreciated by Jeff and would assist him in the ongoing improvement of Möbius.

Link to Circular Labs


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